Our Services

Our services are carefully tailored to your business and to meet specific needs or problems that need to be solved. Depending on your business needs, our services can be grouped into several key groups:

Product Development

Development of a new or improvement of an existing product consists of a set of activities: Firstly, a market research and determining  product characteristics according to the clients' needs, then its regulatory compliance, and lastly the analysis of its market placement success.

These activities result in a new product or a new feature with a single goal - to create added value for the company.


Project Management

One of our specialities is outsourcing of managing of specific functions, or projects, or managing entire business for a limited period of time.

During this process, we include various professional managers, each with and expertise for certain area, in order to achieve agreed results within the predefined deadlines.


Expert Trainings and Coaching

Besides the above mentioned services we also organise specialised trainings and coaching sessions, for your staff - to both managers and other employees.

Trainings and coaching are organised in such manner to avoid any interruptions of your company's daily routines, and can be delivered as part of our above mentioned services. The goal of these trainings is to increase the corporate efficiency, and above all - sales and project managment activities.

Trainings can be external, internal or individual, depending of your business process needs.

All our trainings include final tests, and thus all the participants who successfully pass these tests receive a certificate on sucessful training completion.

Business Processes Optimisation

This is a complex process in which we perform a systematic and detailed collection, processing and analysis of available data, which should provide identifying and defining of the optimal business process model.

The ultimate goal of these activities is to bring business processes to an optimal level,  by cutting the costs and increasing efficiency.


Business Plan Development

As part of the overall analysis of the corporate commercial policy, we generate Business Plan including advisory for optimising exisisting plans, but also assisting in creation of new business goals and corporate strategy.

During this process we can also propose business model based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).