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We will be delighted to share any information about Ireland, our site or any information available here. If you encounter any errors, please do not hesitate to let us know. Even though we are trying to check everything before it is published on the site, these things simply happen. Therefore, we will be grateful for your help.

If you have some things regarding Ireland that you think we should include within ÉOL web-site, just send us an e-mail, and tell us about it. In case you wish so, we can write your name or e-mail, or your home-page address with that article/image or whatsoever, and if you wish privacy it will be granted as well. Some people like their name to be heard, other don't and we respect both opinions.

We would like to especially encourage people who might have images of the Irish saints to contact us, as we'd like to include these within the Miscellaneous section.

Thank you, once again for visiting our site. We truly hope you find it interesting.


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