About ÉOL


Éire On-Line (ÉOL) is a three years-old project with a quite simple idea - to create a place where one could collect all the information about Ireland in general. Indeed, there are plenty of other things we could also include here, but we did say "general", right? This site is, in a way, a basic introduction to Ireland - whether for those who want to learn more, or for those who plan to go there and wish to "be prepared". :)

The author of the whole project, believe it or not, is not from Ireland, but one can say he is a true fan, indeed. It's a strange life, isn't it? Of course, many Irish people have contributed to this site, as well as years of research, studying, information collecting and so on...

As this site is continuously growing - new articles are being added and so on - the initial idea, however, remains present: we are not making an everyday source of information (there are plenty of Irish sites already covering that - e.g. Ireland.Com), but a small encyclopaedia about Emerald Isle. We try to give answers to most frequently asked questions about Ireland, and we will keep that course in the future as well.

The basic goal of the whole ÉOL project is not to inform but to teach. If you had a chance to learn at least one new thing during your visit, then we have accomplished our mission. So far, at least. If you didn't find anything new, or interesting at least, then perhaps you are one of those who should contact us and contribute to the contents of the ÉOL.

ÉOL is a project of Shamrock Designs - a team of designers from Belgrade, Serbia.

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