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This is a collection of everyday slang spoken in Ireland. Drop us an e-mail if you know some more.


Afters (n): dessert
Ages (n): long time
Alans or Alan Wickers(n): nickers; as in keep your alans on;calm down.
Amadáin (Omadhan) (n): idiot
Any Use? (n) any good? as in "Was the film any use?"
Apache (n): joyrider
Ape (n): fool
Ara be whist (v): shut up.
Arse (n): backside
Arseways (a): "I did it all arseways" = I made a complete mess of it!
Arthurs (n): a pint of Guinness; as in Arthur Guinness the founder.
Arthur scargill (n): gargle/drink; after the miners union leader in the 80s in England.
Article (n): a woman, usually half in jest
Artist, government (n): person 'drawing' the dole [social security]
Ask me arse/bollocks; go and shite; eff off and don't be annoying me (phr): general ways of telling someone to shut up
As scarce as hen's teeth
As sick as a small hospital
As thick as two short planks
As useful as a lighthouse on a bog
As useful as a cigarette lighter on a motorbike
As useless as a chocolate teapot
As useless as tits on a bull
Aul Man or Fella (n): father
Aul Wan (n): mother
Away with ye / away on / Aye right (phr): I don`t really believe you.


Babby (n): little child - baby
Baby Power (n): miniature bottle of Powers Irish Whiskey (favoured size for ladies handbags)
Bad dose (n): tough old time with illness
Bag of Taytos (n): packet of potato chips a.k.a. crisps
Bake (n): face/mouth
Ball of shite (n): as in, my dad's old car was a ball of shite
Balls (n): to mess up, e.g. I made a balls of that job
Balls (n): male genitalia
Baluba (n): "stop acting like a Baluba". Horseplay, rough housing. Derived from the Baluba tribe Belgian Congo. Several Irish soldiers killed by them in the early 1960s
Banger (n): old car
Banjaxed (a): broken, no good
Barm brack (n): cake eaten at holloween, from gaelic bareen brack = a feckled cake
Barrelling (v): rushing around (with purpose?)
Baths (n): public swimming pool
Battle cruiser (n): the pub; rhymes with boozer.
Baz (n): pubic hair
Bazzer (n): haircut
Bean flicker (n): lesbian
Bean-jacks (n): ladies toilet
Begorrah (exclam): be god
Bejappers (exclam): as above
Belt (v): hit, assault
Be wide (phr): be careful
Bed clothes (n): covers
Be dog wide (phr): be extra vigilant
Beor (pronounced bee-yo) (n): attractive woman
Bibe (n): a girl/woman and means she's a right old cow - from the Waterford area
Bird (n): girl generally, or girlfriend
Biro (n): ballpoint pen
Bite the back of my bollox (phr): stop bothering me
Black (a): very crowded, busy - as in 'town was black!'
Blackers (n): blackberries
Blackguard (pron. blaggard) (n): a ne'er-do-well/ (v) to give someone a hard time: He's blaggardin' ya
Black Stuff,the (n): Guinness
Blather (v): talk
Bleedin' deadly (a): brilliant
Blow (n): hash
Bob (n): a shilling in the old Pounds, shillings and pennies; even though the monetary system changed, the name stuck
Bog (n): country area - where culchies come from
Bogey (n): snot; something wrong, as in he's bogey or I got a bogey pint
Bogs (n): public toilets
Bogtrotter (n): another word for a culchie
Bold (a): naughty
Bollacking (n): to "give out" to someone
Bollocks (n): anyone you think is stupid
Bolloxed (a): very drunk
Bolloxed up (v): screwed up
Bolt (v): go fast/ run away
Boozer (n): pub
Boreen (n): narrow lane or road
'Bout ye (phr): how are you doing? (Originated in Belfast)
Bouzzie, Bowsie (n): young good-for-nothing, who hangs around on street corners
Bowler (rhymes with Cow-ler) (n): dog/ugly person
Box (n): female genitalia
Boxin' the fox (phr): robbing an orchard
Boyo (n): a bit of a lad
Brasser (n): woman of ill repute, who charges but a brass coin for her services
Brown Trout (n): excrement
Brutal (a): terrible
Bucketing (v): raining very heavily
Buckled (v): drunk
Buff (n): another word for red-necks, although mostly used by red-necks to describe other red-necks living further out in the countryside, and likely to live on a farm up a mountain somewhere OR (a) naked
Bushed (v): exhausted/knackered
Business (n): shit - as in, 'I have to do me business'
Business (n): cool - as in, 'It's the business' when asked about a new film, for example.


Caffler (n): arsehole, idiot, eejit
Cake-hole (n): mouth or arsehole!
Can of piss (n): derogatory term i.e. "You're some can of piss"
Carpet muncher (n): lesbian
Carry-on (n): argument, commotion
Cassie (n): back yard
Cat (a): no good, awful, very bad
Cha (n): tea
Chancer (n): dodgy/risky character
Cheek (n): Disrespect
Cheesed Off (a): angry, also Pissed Off
Cheese on your chin (phr): your fly is open!
Chinwag (n): a chat
Chipper (n): fish and chip shop
Chiseller (n): young child
Choken the chicken(v): wank
Chucker-out (n): doorman/bouncer
Claim (v): if you claim somebody you are picking a fight. you are claimed !
Clatter (n): slap
Clique (n): a group
Cock manger (n): urinals
Cod (v): having someone on, as in: "Aw, g'wan, yer only coddin' me"
Cog (v): copy someone else's work at school
Colcannon (v): Mashed potatoes, cabbage or kale & butter, served at halloween
Conkers (n): chestnuts
Cooker (n): stove
Cop on (to yourself) (v): get a life/don't be so stupid
Cop shop (n): Garda station
Corner boy (n): somebody who hangs around aimlessly on the streets (gen a youth); used by older people
Covers (n): bedclothes
Cow Juice (n): milk
Craic (n): (pronounced crack) fun time and good conversation
Crisps (n): potato chips
Crock (n): bad car; crock of shite is same as ball of shite.
Cub (n): young boy
Culchie (n): a city dweller's name for a country person
Cuttie (n): young girl
Cutty Knife (n): knife for cutting the bread


Da (n): father
Dander (n): a leisurely stroll
Deadly (a): very cool
Deadner, give a (n): to knee someone in the side of their thigh
Dear (adj): expensive
Delph (n): crockery, cups, saucers etc
Dense (n): stupid - as dense as bottled shite
Desperate (adj): terrible
Diabolical (a): really terrible
Dickey Dazzler (n): an over dressed man
Diddies (n): breasts
Divil (n): devil
Do a Bunk/Flit (v): sneak off, usually to avoid paying a bill, the rent, etc.
Dodgy (n): suspect/mechanically suspect
Dogs Bollocks (n): the genuine article
Doing a line (phr): courting, seeing someone
Doing (or speaking) 90 to the dozen (v): going (or speaking) very fast
Doing the rat race (v): driving through housing estates to avoid the traffic
Donkey's Years (n): a long time - 'I haven't seen him in donkey's years'
Doorstep (n): a sandwich made with thickly cut bread i.e. a mug of rosie and a doorstep
Dope (n): idiot, more playful than eejit
On the Doss (v): To be goofing off
Dosser (n): layabout, useless
Dote (n): a lovely little thing, usually a baby
Doxie (n): a lady of the night who plies her trade on the docks
Drawers (n): underwear, usually ladies'
Drink Link (n): a bank ATM
Dry Shite (n): a dull, boring person
Dry up (phr): Shut up!
Duds (n): clothes
Dummy/Dummy Tit (n): pacifier
Dump (taking a) (n): sitting on the toilet, doing a #2 !


Eccer (n): homework (from exercises)
Eejit (n): idiot
Effin' and blindin' (n): cursing and swearing
Elephants (n): drunk


F-word (n,a,v, etc.): used freely, mostly for strengthening an adjective.
Fag (n): cigarette
Fair play/whack to ya! : well done!
Far wack, the (n): over on the opposite side.
Feck (n): used instead of the other F word
Fecky the Ninth (n): complete idiot
Fib (n): a lie
Fierce (a): very; 'twas fierce cold
Fifty (n): stood-up (I got a fifty)
50p lifesaver (n): condom
Fine thing/fine bit of stuff (n): admiring comment on member of opposite sex
Fla/Flah (n): very attractive person
Fla/Flah (v): to have sexual intercourse with someone ( From Irish 'Fleadh' meaning party)
Flah'ed out (a): exhausted
Flaming (a): drunk
Flea Rake (n): a comb
Flicks (n): movies, pictures
Flitters (a): tattered and torn
Flummoxed (a): puzzled
Flute (n): penis
Fluthered (a): drunk
Follier-upper (n): a serial at the pictures (movies)
Foostering (n): wasting time
Fry (n): fried breakfast (typically sausage, bacon, eggs and pudding)


Gaa, playing (v): gaelic football [from Gaelic Athletics Association]
Gack (n): refers to a foolish or stupid person.
Gaff (n): house
Gallery (n): great fun, someone is a gallery-entertaining person- a mad laugh
Galya (n): baby
Gameball (exclam): OK
Gammy (a): shitty, a load of crap, useless
Gander (n): a nosey look
Gansey (n): sweater, jersey, pullover or loads (of something)
Gary Glitter (n): your shitter or arse
Gas (a): funny
Gawk (v): stare
Gawk (v): to throw up - especially after alcohol
Gear (a/n): good, clothes
Gee (n): female genitalia (hard G sound)
Gee-bag (n): general term of abuse
Gee-Eyed (a): drunk
Gersha (n): young girl
Get off with (someone) (ph): make out
Get on like a house on fire (n): to get on real well with someone
Get out of that garden (phr): same as ""Yeah right!" or "Up the yard!""
Gick (n): shit
Gicker (n): your bum [up the gicker (no man quicker)]
Gift (n): excellent, unexpected surprise
Git (n): rotten person
Give him a toe in the hole (v): kick in the arse
Give Out (v): to criticize someone - 'She gave out to him something fierce over standing her up'
Gizmo (n): a thing or most often a guitar
a Go (n): turn/fight
Gob (n): mouth, as in: "shut your gob" or (v): to spit
Gobshite (n): idiot
Gobsmacked (a): very surprised
Go-car (n): baby's pushchair
Gollier (n): a big, fat spit of phlegmy stuff
Gombeen (n): idiot
Good Gear (n): good, clothes or stuff
Gooter (n): female genitalia
Gouger (As used by Dublin Gardaí) (n): a dangerous knacker/thief
Go way outta that! (phr): Dismissive response, indicating general disdain and disbelief
Gowl (n): stupid person/idiot
Grand (a): fine, nice
Growler (n): female genitalia (hairy growler)
Gushie/rushie (n): to throw up a sweet/candy or coin and have a crowd of kids run to catch it,
Guard (n): policeman
Guff (n): nonsense or smell - ta, frank!
Gullier (n): a large marble used when playing along the road kerb
Gummin' (v): salivating, dying for something e.g. I'm gummin' for a pint.
Gur cake (n): a dense fruit cake
Gurrier (n): lout, hooligan or gypsy
Gut (n): stomach
Gutties (n): trainers, sports shoes


Hames (n): a mess - 'He made a right hames of the job'
Happy out (v): everything is sorted out now or you're generally happy with the situation.
Hard Neck (n): cheek
Hardchaw, Hardman (n): rough person, the type who's ready for a fight at the drop of a hat - "Yeah you, wha' ya lookin' a?"
Hard Tack (n): spirits (usually whiskey), neat
Hash (n): to mess up, e.g. I made a hash of it
Has she calfed yet? (v): Giving birth
Haven't got a baldy (phr): no chance
Haven't got a snowball's chance in hell (phr): no chance; longer version of above
Having the painters in (ph): having your period
Head (n): friend or pal e.g. How's it going head?
Header (n): nutcase, unstable person
Head the ball (n): foolish person/ or generic name for any person
Heavin' (v): thronged/packed i.e the place was heavin last Saturday
Heel (n): the first or last slice of a loaf of bread
Hick or Hickey/Hickster (a/n): unfashionable
High babies (a): senior infants' school
Hit and miss (n): piss
Hole (n): arse
Hole in the wall (n): ATM
Holliers (n): holidays!
Hoofed (v): walked
Hooley (n): party or celebration
Hoor (n): whore
Hoor's Melt (n): private part of a hoor
Horrors (n): drunk, e.g. I was in the horrors last night
Hot Press (n): airing cupboard, where the hot water geyser is.
How's the form? (phr): how are you?
How's the talent? (phr): Is there anyone good looking/ interesting about?
Howya : "how are you?" - typical greeting
Hump, the (n): sulking
Hunkers, on your (n): crouching down (squatting)


I will in me ring (phr): certainly not!
I am in me wick (phr): you must be joking!
I would, if I were mad! (phr): I certainly won't


Jabs (n): breasts
Jackeen (n): a culchie's name for a Dubliner
Jacked (a): tired
Jacks (n): toilet
Jaded (a): very tired, knackered
Jammer(n): stolen car
Jammers (a): very crowded, busy
Jammin (v): having your period
Jammy client (n): class A fool
Jam on your egg (n): wishful thinking; will never happen
Jam Rags (n): sanitary towels aka brillo pads
Jammy (a): lucky
Janey Mack! (exclam): Gosh, really?
Jar (n): A pint
Jaysus (exclam): Jesus
Jibber (n): person afraid to try new things
Jip (n): sperm
Jo Maxi (n): taxi
Johnny (n): condom
Johnny-jump-up (n): pint of guinness mixed with Bulmers (cider)
Juicy (a): cute


Kip (n): a dump or a dive
Kip, to have a (n): short sleep, nap
Knacker (n): gypsy, travelling person
Knackered (v): very tired
Knick-knacking (v): ringing a doorbell and running away
Knobs (n): breasts
Knock someone up (v): call around to someone's house or business


Ladhb (n): awkward looking lad.
Langer (n): penis
Langers (a): drunk
Large Lad (n): mickey, willy, penis
Lashing (v): raining hard
Lashings (n): a lot i.e. lashings of food
Lay off! (exclam): leave me alone, stop it!
Legging (it) (v): moving at pace!
Letting on (v): pretending
Like a blue-arsed fly (phr): running around, hectically busy
Loaf (v): to head butt someone
Local, the (n): the nearest pub
Locked (a): very drunk
Lock in (n): when a pub locks people in after hours so the pub looks closed from the outside.
Longers (n): long trousers
Lose the head (n): to lose control and start a fight
Low babies (a): junior infants' school
Lurching (v): slow dancing up close
Lush (n): a bit of a drinker


Ma (n): mother
Maggot, Stop acting the ... (ph): stop messin' around
Mangled (a): drunk
Manky (a): filthy dirty
Mary Jane (n): women's privates
Mary Hick, Mary Banger (n): unfashionable female
Massive (n): brilliant, deadly
Master (n): the best, expression of approval. "It's the master"
Me arse and Katty Barry! (phr): yeah sure!
Melted (a): very tired
Mentaller (a): crazy guy
Me ould segotia, me ould sweat, me ould flower (n): best friend
Messages (n): shopping, groceries
Messing (v): playing around
Mickey (n): child's name for a penis
Midden (n): a sloppy person
Millie up! (phr): a fight going to start
Milling (v): fighting
Mind yer house! (phr): warning that one is going to be tackled from behind (sport)
Mind yourself (v): be careful
Minerals (n): soft drinks in the US, cool drinks in South Africa
Mingin' (a): dirty, manky
Missed by a gee hair (ph): just missed; can be used to describe a near accident or a missed shot in soccer etc.
Mitch (v): bunk school, playing truant
Molly coddle (v): over protect
Mortaller (n): mortal sin
Mortified (a): embarassed, usually said by your ma
Mot (n): girlfriend
Motherless (a): drunk
Mouldy (n): lousy/rotten
Muck (n): soil
Mucker (n): either a culchie or sometimes, a friend i.e. someone you muck around with.
Muck-truck (n): culchie school bus
Muppet (n): fool, idiot
Murder (n): tough going/difficult
Muzzy (n): a little brat


Narky (a): cranky
Nat-king (n): dole; comes from nat king Cole (rhyming slang)
Nawful (n): terrible
Ned (n): excrement sim. to dump
Nicker (n): money; 50 nicker=50 quid/pounds
Nickser, Nixer (n): a job done on the quiet so that no tax has to be paid on the wages.
Nifty (n): very useful
Nifty 50 (n): a Honda 50cc motorcycle
99, a (n): ice cream cone with a chocolate flake
Ninty to the dozen, going (v): going very fast
Nip (n): nude, as in 'I saw her in the nip'
Nits (n): head lice
Noggin (n): head
Norrier, the (n): The North Circular Road - [Dublin]
Numbs (n): drunk, e.g. I was in the numbs last night


Odds (n): loose change
Off the drink (phr): means you're not drinking for a while. Typically lasts as long as the hangover!
Off your nut (v): crazy - 'That fella's off his nut'
Oinseach (n): an eejit; from old Irish meaning scabby old woman
Oirish(n): typically, clichéd Irish(ness)
Old Lady (n): mother
Old Man (n): father
Omadhaun (n): bit of a fool
On the never never (n): On Hire purchase
One and One (n): fish and chips i.e. One and One Cod
Ossified (v): drunk Oxters (n): armpits


Package of crips (n): a packet of potato crisps
Paralytic (a): very drunk
Pave (v): to rob something
Pavey/ Pikey (n): gypsy
Pedal and crank (n): wank
Pelting (v): throwing objects or pelting with rain
Perishing (a): ...are very cold
Petrified (a): drunk
Pictures (n): movies
Pint of plain (n): a pint of Guinness
Piped telly (n): Cable television
Piss in the Beds (n): dandelions
Pissed off (a): angry
Pisser (n): going out for a night of big drinking.
Piss up (n): getting drunk. Let's all go on a big piss up
Plastered (a): drunk
Plastic Paddy (n): someone of Irish descent who has all the accoutrements of Irishness - ends up being a cliché
Plonker (n): idiot
Polluted (a): drunk
Poppies (n): potatoes
Posser (n): when you get a wet foot from walking in a puddle of water
Poteen (n): illegal spirits
Press (n): cupboard
Puck (n): punch
Puke (n): get sick, vomit
Pulling me plumb (n): doing absolutely nothing
Pullin' me wire (v): having a wank
Pull your socks up (phr): Get to work/get busy
Put a gap in the bush (phr): Close the door


Quare (n): queer or strange as in "he's a quare one, alright"
Quare hawk (n): odd fella
Qweer bit of skirt / talent (n): a really attractive woman/man.
Quid (n): pound(s); 50 quid=50 pounds


Rapid (a): amazing
Rashers (n): pieces of bacon; female genetalia
Rat (n): squealer; some one who tells on you.
Re-calibration (n): any amount of time spent with the AA - (Alcoholic's Anonymous)
Reddener (n): blush
Red neck (n): anyone who isn't from Dublin [ came from the parents hitting their children on the back of the neck, saying 'Get up to Dublin and get a job' hehe ]
Reef (v): beat (a person) up
Ride: (n) an attractive person (v) to have sex
Ri-Ra (n): fun and excitement
Rock'n' roll (n): having sex, 'did you get your rock'n'roll'
Root (v): search
Rosie Lee (n): tea
Rossie (n): brat
Rub-a-dub-dub (n): the pub
Rubber (n): pencil eraser
Rubber Johnny (n): condom
Ructions (n): Loud arguing or commotion - 'There were great ructions at our house last night'
Runners (n): trainers, everyday sports shoes
the Runs (a): another term for the scutters
Rushers/wellies (n): wellington boots


Sally (n): head; comes from Sallynoggin(Dublin suburb) you take out the noggin part which is head.
Sap (n): wimp
Savage (n): very severe
Scab (n&v): one who scabs (constantly borrows or tries to get freebies); scabby, stingy
Scab (n): ugly woman/man
Scaldy (n): scabby, stingy
Scallion (n): spring onion
Scalped (v): to get a short haircut
Scanger (n): stupid female
Scarlet (a): blushing
Scatter (v): run away from something
Scon (n): amorous encounter (Kilkenny Origin)
Score (n): twenty; Four score=80; lend us a score=20 pounds
Scram! : go away!
Scran (n): food
Scrap (n): fight
the Scratch (a): dole, social security
Scratcher (n): bed
Screwed (v): fecked, in trouble
Scrubber (n): female of low morals
Scuttered (n): drunk
Scundered/scunderated (v): embarrassed
Scutters (n): diarrhoea
Scutting (v): catching a ride by hanging from the back of a moving truck and then jumping off
Session (n): Drinking all day long, typically starting before noon
Shades (n): police
Shag, to (v): have sex Shagged (a): tired
Sham (n): used by a man from a rural area when addressing one from the city e.g. How's it goin', sham?
Shaper (n): young guy who takes up a lot of space when he struts around. Shattered (a): exhausted
Shenanagans (n): carry-on/horse-play
Shift (n): kiss
Shite hawk (n): general term of abuse
Shitter (n): toilet
Shlossed (a): very drunk
Shore (n): outside ( your kitchen door) drain !
Shorts (n): liquor drinks (spirits) - shots or mixed drinks
Shower of savages (n): a crowd, out to have a raucous time but being a bit of a nuisance!
Shrapnel (n): loose change
Silko (n): similar to gouger except less offensive
Single (n): packet of chips
Six o' one, half a dozen o' the other (phr): exactly the same
Skawly (a): horrible, not good
Skin (n): friend
Sky diver (n): a fiver(5 pounds)
Slagging (v): having someone on, making fun of them
Slapper (n): scrubber or a slut
Slash (n&v): "to take a slash"= to piss, to urinate
Sleeveen, Slinkeen (n): a sly type, pinch the eyes out of your head
Slinjing (v): dragging your heels
Slug (n): mouthful of a drink - gis a slug
Snapper (n): child
Snaps (n): photographs
Snared rapid (v): caught doing something one shouldn't have been doing
Snitch, Squealer, Squaler (n): informant
Snobby Weather!! (phr): "are you choosing to ignore me?" (usually meant in humour)
Snog, Shift (v): make out with or get off with (someone)
Snot (n): nasal discharge
Snot rag (n): handkerchief
Snug (n): pub booth
Soft as shite (n): soft in the head
Soft auld day, it's a (phr): usually said by old people when referring to a typically Irish day, i.e. a soft rain falling
Soother (n): pacifier, dummy
Sound (a): really good
Spa (n): someone who hasn't got good co-ordination
Specky Four-Eyes (a): anyone who wears glasses (kid's nickname)
Speedy (n): police motorbike
Sprog (n): kid
Spuds (n): potatoes
Squealer (n): baby; someone who tells on you
Squid (n): same as quid
Squizz (n): a look-see
Stabber (n): the last 1/4 of a cigarette - "leave us a stabber" Steever (n): a kick in the backside
Stop the lights! : jayzuz, really?!
Stocious (a): drunk as a lord
Strand (n): beach
Streal (n): looking down and out; Like a streal
Stung (a): embarrassed after getting caught doing something ye shouldn't
Suckin' diesel (v): having a good time
Swimming trunks (n): mens' bathing suit
Swiss (a): Arse (swiss roll - hole) as in 'Up your swiss'


Tackies (n): runners/trainers
Tan (n): an English person
That's Right (phr): to agree with someone
Thick (n)/(a): idiot/stupid
Thick as a ditch (phr): really stupid person
Thick as a brick (phr): stupid
Thick as a plank (phr): stupid
Throwing Shapes (v): what a shaper does...see above.
Thunder & Lightning (n): knock like thunder, run like lightning: knocking at a door and running away
Tinker (n): gypsy/travelling person/insulting term for a low-class female
Tip (n): Garbage dump/dirty, messy place - 'That pub is an awful tip'
Togs (n): swimming trunks
Tonne/ton (n): one hundred; doing a ton = driving at 100 mph or to owe someone a ton=to owe 100 pounds
Tool (n): idiot, penis
Tosser(n): wanker
Toucher (n): someone who is always looking for a handout
Touched (a): a strange individual
Trap (n): mouth
Tripe (n): bullshit; [in an American context] menudo served on Saturdays at your local Mexican Restaurant in AZ. the Trots (n): a.k.a. the scutters
Turf Accountant (n): a.k.a. bookie / betting shop for horse or greyhound racing
Twisted (a): very drunk
Twistin' hay (v): means you're starting trouble, usually in a playful way
Two-bulb (n): squad car


Up 'a duff : pregnant
Up the flue / In the family way (n): pregnant
Up the pole : pregnant
Up the yard! : be off with ya!
Up to ninety : (as in so 'n' so is ...) near boiling point, ready to explode


Vexed (v): upset
Vixen (n): cute woman
a filler with a theme!
World-wide (a): domhanda
Web (n): uige
USA (n): Stáit Aontaithe Mheiriceá


Wafer (n): ice cream sandwiched between two flat wafers
Wagon (n): ugly female
Wanker (n): an uninteresting person, usually someone you can't stand
Warped (a): very drunk
Warped, F%$ked up, Twisted (a): strange
Weapon (n): it's great i.e. it's a weapon. i.e.
Wet the tea (v): make tea (comes from the practice of wetting the leaves in the bottom of the pot
Whiff (n): a smell
Whist (v): keep quiet
Wick (a): crap
Wire (n): mickey, penis
Wojus (a): poor or bad; "That tea is wojus."
Wrecked (a): tired


Y-Fronts (n): Men's briefs
Yockers (n): Balls
Yoke (n): a thing (pass me that yoke)or (ya feckin yoke)
Yonks (n): a long time
Your hole (a): having sex, as in ' did you get your hole last night?'


Z (n): when you need to get some sleep you need to get some zeds.

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